6 August 2011

You want beer to boost your funneh times?

So last weekend I found myself with a group of friends trying our hardest to conceal our alcohol. Our trick was to just find a quiet spot and mix it with the juice and drink it right in front of the cops (or at least that what we would have done "cough"). Safe to say more funneh times came along once we saw others run away from them, but it got me thinking.

There must be plenty of hilarious ways people conceal there fun juice right? and i stumbled across this picture which made me chuckle! "what you bringing to the game man?", "bread, I need me some bread!". whether or not this guy got it took off him, i salute him for this picture alone!

This video perfectly explains my point further! There must be plenty of ways.


  1. I recently went to a soccer game and people were drinking rum. I asked em how they concealed it. They told me they filled ziploc bags with said rum and hid the ziploc bag in their pants. I have a photo of that somewhere in my blog, funny day it was

  2. I remember seeing a video on various ways to conceal booze, like soaking fruit in vodka, funny stuff.

  3. haha, nice, and I love the picture :D