12 September 2011

Imitation is flattery

Hey, Since you guys come here for a few laughs and probably only ever get as excited as the pic below...

I still appreciate the following and thus...

(I Blame this on my good mood today!)

7 September 2011

Here's a concept that works...

If you want to make something relatively more funny with a hint of creepy then add a beanface!

This works with all movies by the way, I could go on but ill leave you with two...

Try your best not to have nightmares now, i know its hard once that face is etched into the very fabric of your entire imagination and your cognitive thinking o,O

2 September 2011

Cheap Vs Expensive

£10.40... it cost me £10.40 to see ONE film... safe to say when the guy behind the counter said this i nearly fainted, but thankfully my sudden fuelled rage at the situation was enough to keep me standing! So what was this magnificent film that cost that much to go see? well it was this....

This pic did make me feel better about the fiasco but still £10.40 man :(

I realise that sometimes the simplest things in life can be the most enjoyable and uplifting, a prime example of this (without seeming to retarded) would be...


31 August 2011

The people you live with... and their talents

So i am searching for a flatmate just now. Most likely i have found one but when i came across the following Picture of this guys ad, i now feel like maybe my standards are low...

They sound like the type of person that will be full of hidden treasures! you know like finding a sponge which can tell you the time and redecorate your house... Whatever that talent maybe i found something that does represent that ideology.

Sweet mother of zombie Jesus indeed...

29 August 2011

Well... time to get serious!

So i haven't been home recently so been unable to update, you know the times when you go out for a quiet drink and returning home three days later... but i came home to realise that no matter what i will NEVER have as much fun as this little guy seems to be having!

Fun times can only be comparable to your own level of standards, this little guy must have thought Christmas and hedgehog appreciation day came all at once when receiving this. Also do not let things get to you either! if you are going to get all emotional then maybe you should calm down before you end up looking like this guy...

22 August 2011

iFunneh's Comedian spotlight 3

Jim Jeffries was born in Australia on the 14th of February 1977,  his style may offend some but his openness to comment on everything allows him to make light and fun out of any situation. early in his career he was attacked on stage and this caused him to become more popular thanks to his hater!

A comedian that is able to point fun at normal and controversial stuff seamlessly together whilst usually drinking at least 5 pints each gig deserves to be recognised and that is why he is iFunneh's third comedian spotlight

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20 August 2011

The House

So i will be getting a new shower fitted soon and was thinking about all the ease and pleasure such water spewing pipe of fun can bring. then i remembered one thing about a good percentage of them and that is this...

But still its going to be all new and shiny and stuff! Then i realised there could be must worse things in your home that causes problems (neglecting the fact that i have still not finished with the wallpaper stripping) things such as this lil guy...

Though to be honest the outdoor cat in the previous post would be worse! but this lil guy will be at you every single damn day O ,O