31 July 2011

iFunneh Movie review: Ace Ventura

I felt the need to step back a little and return to some good old classic Jim Carey. Back when he was fresh as around this time he had the gusto and inspiration of first being in the business.

The Ace Ventura franchise made Jim a star, he perfectly plays this role and it is one which personally i always compare to when seeing any of his other movies. His comedy timings and outlandish behaviour throughout will have young and old in stitches.

Bare in mind though i am talking about the first two, and not the remake much later on staring some kid!

This style of comedy it seems will always be able to stand the test of time, there isn't pop references or what's hip its just plain old slapstick with a Jim Carey flair on the end. this is recommended by iFunneh whether you have seen it or not go dig it out and watch it once more, you will still be able to enjoy Jim Carey at his unleashed best.

29 July 2011

This guy got it bad

Remember the previous post about inappropriate laughter?

well below is a funny video where this can be seen in action, enjoy!

27 July 2011

Why you laughing though? seriously?


Nervous laughter is a physical response to misperception, stress, tautness,  or anxiety.  Like sweaty palms or an elevated heart-rate. It's not something you intentionally choose to do. Nervous laughter has nothing to do with your sense of humour, and can overcome you at the unfunniest of moments. and generally the most embarrassing times too.

Wait... why do you always laugh?                                                                 

Anyone can be caught off-guard and discover themselves laughing inappropriately at something that everyone else is taking seriously. But when it becomes a customary response it becomes more than a one-off aberration that you can safely ignore. It can get in your way socially and professionally, and leave you feeling uncomfortably insecure about yourself.

What can be done to overcome a tendency to inappropriate laughter?

How to help yourself

The first thing is to take a good look at the sorts of conditions that set you off.  Is it always with certain people or friends? Maybe when you feel required to 'perform' in a specific way? Are there occurrences when you know it definitely won’t happen? What's different about those times?

When you begin to think about the matter in this way, you can stop just cataloguing yourself as 'a giggler', and begin to make some selections about shifting the way you contemplate about (and respond to) difficult events. You may want to look at ways of enhancing your self-confidence, or you may contemplate changing how you interact with the persons who appear to initiate you.

26 July 2011

The worlds oldest joke

To find the oldest joke you have to go way back to 1900 BC. there the Sumerians which would now be where southern Iraq. The appearance of the old style jokes appear to be that of mischievousness and out of norm activities.

Firstly though here is the second oldest joke told by King Snorfu about a pharaoh in 1600 BC "How do you entertain a bored pharaoh? You sail a boatload of young women dressed only in fishing nets down the Nile and urge the pharaoh to go catch a fish."

the oldest Brittish joke was - "What hangs at a man's thigh and wants to poke the hole that it's often poked before? Answer: A key."

And finally...

The oldest joke in the world is - 
"Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in her husband's lap."

Ladies! you all used to fart on men's laps apparently.

25 July 2011

Laughing is good for you!

We all know that if we are already laughing then we are in a good mood. That is of course as long as you aren't a few fries short of a happy meal.

Laughter helps with pain, stress, anger and conflict issues. its a natural way of clearing both mind and body of its problems so don't hold back on possible great times with laughter as it can better yourself in more was than you think. here is some of the affects laughing can have on you.

  • Laughter will boost immune system 
  • Laughter will help you relax even more 
  • Laughter helps your heart
  • Laughter releases endorphins (feel good stuff)

Finally don't forget laughter can help you with the opposite sex, making the other laugh is a great way to make them feel good about themselves and therefore feel good about being with you!

Things don't always work out as expected

Just like most fast foods on the screen being nothing like what you shove in your mouth, there are other examples of things that are not as expected.

Okay, maybe it isn't just the fast food places problem!

24 July 2011

Funneh Movie review: Rango

Since Rango has recently hit Blu-ray ifunneh has a quick sum up of what to expect.

Rango may fool some initially, this is a kids movie but there are many upon many moments that adults can also relate to. there are many referencing to old classic movies too which the kids wont get however this does not detract them from having a great time and a laugh from the expressive and lovable nature of Rango.

The movie may take some time to understand what angle and the direction its attempting to lead the viewer to but when its in the swing of it its captivating and a ride worth going through again to understand more even the second time. all the characters within are genuine and realistic to their roles despite being all talking creatures. there is a definite warmth from this film, and when a classic story is played out and performed well and coupled with many laughs along the way it is a a story worth seeing.

All in all iFunneh recommends this movie, which is definitely worth a watch no matter what age you are, you will be surprised how enjoyable this adventure can be!

23 July 2011

iFunneh's Comedian spotlight 1

Billy Connolly,  CBE was born in Scotland on the 24th of November 1942. not only a comdian billy is also a musician, presenter and actor. Back in Scotland billy is commonly refered to as the Big Yin (the big one) he is a stand-up genius despite having many other talents his comedic events are legendary. Billy is rated as one of the greatest comedians and reguarly features in top 10's if not number 1 on great lists then certainly close. His natural approach to stand-up is why he is the first on iFunneh's Comedian spotlight

The above video is just a snippit of what the man can do. (Strong language)

Well played indeed!

22 July 2011

iFunneh's Funneh tips to become funnehierer when ur being funnehish

  • 1: Be Hurt!

    The most simplest and original forms of comedy. sometimes known as slapstick. Walk into that pole and someone that sees you will most probably laugh (although best left unintentional) 
  • 2: Wording

    Whether its accents or put on voices, words can effect the tone of a sentence comically. so put on a lisp like Sylvester and a stutter like porky pig you might just make thing easier.
  • 3: Lies

    You are such a liar!!! but hey don't worry if you lie in an over the top manner then its all good. I mean i  am the number one greatest comedian I even have my own statue in Kazakhstan made out of frozen cow milk...  Whilst being untrue its funnier than I stole your wallet.
  • 4: Unexpected (boo!)

    Here comes the choo choo train, here comes the choo choo train, no WAIT that is just a cushion... you get the idea anything that the audience least expects can mess their minds up into a funny state.

21 July 2011

How to Rationalise gluttony

overtime? no problem

iFunneh Website round up (1)

I aim to do every now and then a round up of some sites I find which has a great arrange of Funneh content to share with you all.

here is the iFunneh first set, enjoy :)






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