5 August 2011

iFunneh's Comedian spotlight 2

Mitchell Lee "Mitch" Hedberg was born on the 24th of febuary 1968 till march 30th 2005 he was an american stand-up comedian known for hit surreal delivery and comedic approach.. An absolute master of the one-liner jokes he used these techniques to perfection by having the audience laugh at some of the more unusual of things.  

Hedberg gained a cult following for his one liners with even fans finishing his jokes before he did on stage, someone who can bring that sort of dedication in their fans deserves to be in iFunneh's comedian spotlight!


  1. hahahaha a weak midget, that was good

  2. haaha never heard of this guy but I laughed all the video hahh

  3. Lol, great blog, realy funny +follow