31 August 2011

The people you live with... and their talents

So i am searching for a flatmate just now. Most likely i have found one but when i came across the following Picture of this guys ad, i now feel like maybe my standards are low...

They sound like the type of person that will be full of hidden treasures! you know like finding a sponge which can tell you the time and redecorate your house... Whatever that talent maybe i found something that does represent that ideology.

Sweet mother of zombie Jesus indeed...

29 August 2011

Well... time to get serious!

So i haven't been home recently so been unable to update, you know the times when you go out for a quiet drink and returning home three days later... but i came home to realise that no matter what i will NEVER have as much fun as this little guy seems to be having!

Fun times can only be comparable to your own level of standards, this little guy must have thought Christmas and hedgehog appreciation day came all at once when receiving this. Also do not let things get to you either! if you are going to get all emotional then maybe you should calm down before you end up looking like this guy...

22 August 2011

iFunneh's Comedian spotlight 3

Jim Jeffries was born in Australia on the 14th of February 1977,  his style may offend some but his openness to comment on everything allows him to make light and fun out of any situation. early in his career he was attacked on stage and this caused him to become more popular thanks to his hater!

A comedian that is able to point fun at normal and controversial stuff seamlessly together whilst usually drinking at least 5 pints each gig deserves to be recognised and that is why he is iFunneh's third comedian spotlight

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20 August 2011

The House

So i will be getting a new shower fitted soon and was thinking about all the ease and pleasure such water spewing pipe of fun can bring. then i remembered one thing about a good percentage of them and that is this...

But still its going to be all new and shiny and stuff! Then i realised there could be must worse things in your home that causes problems (neglecting the fact that i have still not finished with the wallpaper stripping) things such as this lil guy...

Though to be honest the outdoor cat in the previous post would be worse! but this lil guy will be at you every single damn day O ,O

18 August 2011


So we have all had one of those moments where you just want to get away. Could be from just boring day to day life or from just having had enough at home and wanting to leave. The later is a big step and should only be taken if at a young age under the correct circumstances, such as the pic below.

It's all good until they reach the harsh streets and who knows what might come at them! could be meaner people or even people that do not like p.s being placed in the wrong area... personally the most this kid has to fear would probably be this.

Turns out Simba must have took those daddy issues harder than we thought...

17 August 2011


We could generally all use with some more money in our lives, for various things like that amazing TV or those headphones that have so much rich bass they cause your face to vibrate. Whatever the reason is, some people in this world can afford what ever the want... but that does not stop them having a laugh!

I tried this technique... it didn't work for me :(

16 August 2011


Apart from the obvious pain caused by your lower cheeks crashing into the sporadic thing below like jelly being whacked off a rock, it can be fun on the mechanical ones (more so for the ladies). However it seems even the cuddly toys are in on it now

Damn he good!

15 August 2011


Arguments in general are never fun when real. sure some can seem stupid from the outside but inside its a pressure cooker on high!

One of the quickest way to stop the argument dead, apart from just knocking the other person out of course, is laughter. something generally funny enough to break the tension will undoubtedly work and not only that it becomes a full swing around for your senses!

Be warned though, although this is a method of which arguments can be stopped, trying to achieve this and failing will almost certainly cause the "what the hell are you on about, this is serious!!!" statement and land you deeper in argument than what you originally were.

13 August 2011

Frustration... why you so funneh?

So Yesterday i was busy "decorating" the house. specifically stripping the wall of wallpaper... this lead to one moment of extreme frustration and anger caused by a damn floppy piece of nonsensical lame seemingly glued on patch of horrible wallpaper! in a rage i attacked it... jousting my way into the wall like a knight on a mission i clunked it against a hard part and dropped the scraper on my foot O .O this undoubtedly caused laughter among everyone who was there and made me think about frustration and this video!

10 August 2011

Animal Kingdom (heroes and villains)

So, it seems like animals can feel shame and thus, they understand when they have done wrong!

But hey!! before you go, not only appreciating their humanity whilst at the same time shaking your head at them you must remember this: A hero cannot be a hero unless in a heroic world.

8 August 2011

The funneh truth about life

One man who had life all sorted out was surprisingly Mario (if you neglect the fact he always misplaced his woman)

So basically why sit back with nothing you want in life when you can go out and achieve! "I'm going in, bro. These crazy Koopas must be stopped or all this will soon be puddles!" -Mario is Missing! Thus what better way than to go for your goals than to do it whilst having. Having a laugh and enjoying yourself can lead to great things if used in the right manner, so why not just head out, have a laugh and...

6 August 2011

You want beer to boost your funneh times?

So last weekend I found myself with a group of friends trying our hardest to conceal our alcohol. Our trick was to just find a quiet spot and mix it with the juice and drink it right in front of the cops (or at least that what we would have done "cough"). Safe to say more funneh times came along once we saw others run away from them, but it got me thinking.

There must be plenty of hilarious ways people conceal there fun juice right? and i stumbled across this picture which made me chuckle! "what you bringing to the game man?", "bread, I need me some bread!". whether or not this guy got it took off him, i salute him for this picture alone!

This video perfectly explains my point further! There must be plenty of ways.

5 August 2011

iFunneh's Comedian spotlight 2

Mitchell Lee "Mitch" Hedberg was born on the 24th of febuary 1968 till march 30th 2005 he was an american stand-up comedian known for hit surreal delivery and comedic approach.. An absolute master of the one-liner jokes he used these techniques to perfection by having the audience laugh at some of the more unusual of things.  

Hedberg gained a cult following for his one liners with even fans finishing his jokes before he did on stage, someone who can bring that sort of dedication in their fans deserves to be in iFunneh's comedian spotlight!

2 August 2011

Funneh in any language

Language does not hold back from funny stuff such as slapstick. Below is an image which entails that theory.

Swaying from the norm with sheer idiocy is always a good shout!

1 August 2011

Funneh Games

There comes a rare time whilst playing games nowadays where something the designers made actually have you laughing. in the past when limitations forced games into different, more varied aspects, there used to be much more comedy centric games out there, take Crash Badicoot, Duke Nukem or Conker's bad fur day!

Now its mainly about graphics or otherwise serious gameplay. Given the previous mentions on iFunneh with laughter bringing great feeling towards others, then why cant this power be harnessed within games today. Despite this there are a few games out there who do still incorporate funny moments and use comedy to bring out charm in there games such as the GTA franchise, The Simpons game and Saints Row.

Is there a surprise as to why these are all successful games? Could the comedic link add to their appeal and attachment value? iFunneh thinks YES!