22 July 2011

iFunneh's Funneh tips to become funnehierer when ur being funnehish

  • 1: Be Hurt!

    The most simplest and original forms of comedy. sometimes known as slapstick. Walk into that pole and someone that sees you will most probably laugh (although best left unintentional) 
  • 2: Wording

    Whether its accents or put on voices, words can effect the tone of a sentence comically. so put on a lisp like Sylvester and a stutter like porky pig you might just make thing easier.
  • 3: Lies

    You are such a liar!!! but hey don't worry if you lie in an over the top manner then its all good. I mean i  am the number one greatest comedian I even have my own statue in Kazakhstan made out of frozen cow milk...  Whilst being untrue its funnier than I stole your wallet.
  • 4: Unexpected (boo!)

    Here comes the choo choo train, here comes the choo choo train, no WAIT that is just a cushion... you get the idea anything that the audience least expects can mess their minds up into a funny state.


  1. thanks, I think I can put that to good use

  2. Great tips! Very true! its amazing how many funny stories I have got just from being hurt at the gym through my own stupidity :(

  3. I'm already using all of these works 3/4 of the time hahaha.

  4. these are great tips ill be sure to use in the future.
    good post

  5. Hahaha, great tips, bro! + Followed!

  6. I'm an unexpected person, so that a good way to become funny and catch all the girls? :D