31 July 2011

iFunneh Movie review: Ace Ventura

I felt the need to step back a little and return to some good old classic Jim Carey. Back when he was fresh as around this time he had the gusto and inspiration of first being in the business.

The Ace Ventura franchise made Jim a star, he perfectly plays this role and it is one which personally i always compare to when seeing any of his other movies. His comedy timings and outlandish behaviour throughout will have young and old in stitches.

Bare in mind though i am talking about the first two, and not the remake much later on staring some kid!

This style of comedy it seems will always be able to stand the test of time, there isn't pop references or what's hip its just plain old slapstick with a Jim Carey flair on the end. this is recommended by iFunneh whether you have seen it or not go dig it out and watch it once more, you will still be able to enjoy Jim Carey at his unleashed best.


  1. my favorite jim carry movie has to be Cable Guy

  2. Simply one of the greates movies ever made hahahaha i loooooved this one as a kid...ok i still love it :D

  3. i just love ace ventura! think they should make another sequel

  4. This movie is a classic. I love it.